1) Quick band presentation, since when the band's up, who's playing what ? Quick discography.

Massgrav has been around for ten years but have only been able to work as a real band the last three or four years, since Indy started playing drums - the time before that is a mist of drug-infused chaos. Norse plays the guitar and Ola plays the bass. So far, we've released a vinyl EP on Escorbuto, one full-length CD and one split CD with Diskonto, both on Sound Pollution USA, and been on some comps. There's a split with Yacopsae coming up pretty soon to if all goes according to plan.

2) Have you ever heard of OEF ? Did you play here already ? Have you been there ?

Of course we've heard of it, everyone we know has played it and everybody loves it so we're looking forward to it. We haven't been there before, but we went to Pardubice last year and that was one hell of a trip to say the least.

3) What's your feeling to come and play for the (in my opinion) nowadays best & sicker fest in the world ?

We're coming to destroy it. To pulverize it. To mock and ridicule the audience, spread hatred and discord. And to buy plenty of GUT shirts for all three band members.

4) What's the band main influences ? What do you usually listen to ?

Our main influence is newspapers and the TV news, people we meet when playing or going to gigs and all the fucked up shit that keeps happening to us and others year in, year out. We have very diverse musical tastes, but when driving to gigs, we usually listen to old fashioned rock n' roll, except for Indy, who gets to sit in the back where you can't hear the speakers - so he always sleeps.

5) What's the first disc you ever bought ?

Motörhead - Another Perfect Day and No sleep til Hammersmith (the same day)

6) What's the (metal) artist that gives you a good laugh / you have mercy for - and why ?

No metal makes me laugh (except maybe badly corpse-painted bands, bands who try to look pretty and bands where one member is tattoed and has to wear a wifebeater to show it off in the promo photos, while all the others wear ugly metal-wear) - I generally hate metal.

7) What's the best country to play in and why ? / What's the worst country to play in and why ?

It's not like we're international superstars, we've only played a handful of countries and so far they've all been good to us.

8) What's the last political / news fact that you have something to say about ?

I could talk about the distaster that is China, but then I would sound like a PC preacher punk, and I hate that.

9) In your band, who's gonna be the worst drunkard at OEF ?

Judging from past merits, probably Norse. The Driller Killer song "Alcoholocaust" is greatly inspired by his early days in the scene. Look out for two meters of pure intoxicational porn-punk.

10) Who's gonna phone his wife / girlfriend to say 'hi dear, I arrived well but people here are scary!' ?

You? We're more likely to call a cab and say "hey assholes, people here are dirty and smell bad, send a stretch and take us to the nearest four star hotel"

11) Can you tell me the best joke you know for our readers ?! (a short one please ;-))

Two pathologists eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria. One of them says "today, I did an autopsy on a woman who had a clit like a pickled cuecumber". "What", says the other guy, "that big?". The other one looks up and says: "No no - that salty".

12) Last words - Thank you !

Yeah yeah, no need to thank us, it's all in a days business.